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Day 21: Forming a Habit

Posted by on May 24, 2015

May 21, 2015
1st Crossing of Holcomb Creek (285.7) to Bridge over Deep Creek (310.3)
24.6 PCT miles today
323.4 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 2,110 ft, – 5,592 ft

Image 3

I’ve heard it said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Assuming that’s true, we are now officially in the habit of walking, camping, and living off what we carry on our backs. It’s been 3 weeks since we started this crazy adventure, and even though it hasn’t yet gotten easy, and our feet still hurt a lot, we have certainly become more comfortable with our current lifestyle, and it is paying off mile by mile.

Image 2

Today we got up early, went through our morning routine, and got hiking by 7:30. We knew it was a mostly level/downhill day, so we decided early on to try for over 20 miles and get a head-start on some upcoming high-mileage days. Everything worked in our favor and, by splitting the day into 3 8-mile hikes, we made it to camp by 5:30pm.

Image 4

Today’s hike took us along the edge of Deep Creek Canyon, eventually passing some popular hot springs that we unfortunately had to pass up because of reports of a deadly virus found in the water. There were still a bunch of swimmers, so it could have been safe, but the last thing we need on trail is some horrible disease.


We’re still seeing new hikers every day, and unfortunately not seeing many of our “old friends” from the last couple weeks. After some serious planning and mile-counting, we upped the anty a bit and are now among a different pace group. We mostly keep to ourselves throughout the day, exchanging nothing more than smiles and simple greetings on the trail, but we figure that once we get into a rhythm in the Sierras we’ll start making some new friends.

Image 1

Every evening’s campsite has been a pleasant surprise. Throughout the day I think that, once at camp, I’ll just climb into my tent because I’m so exhausted, but then we end up finding some beautiful shady spot right by water without a single bug in sight, and I end up spending more time relaxing outside than I expected. We’re still loving all the camping, and happy that higher mileage hasn’t meant that we necessarily have to get into camp late or leave too early. Now, out of habit, it’s time I put the phone away and get a little shut-eye.

Gear of the Week: Crazy Creek Chairs

We thought we might get a lot of negativity for carrying these chairs since they are kind of a luxury item, but instead, everyone who’s seen them has been jealous. They make every break, morning, and evening more comfortable and they save our backs. We can’t imagine doing this hike without them.

Backpacking Food of the Week: Jelly Bellys
Yum!!! These are our sweet treat and we love dipping into them for a special something. We look forward to a few every night.

2 Responses to Day 21: Forming a Habit

  1. Scott Matheson (Devilfish)

    Crazy Creek – that’s what Deep Creek should be called. Have you tried using them as sleeping pads?

    • Rochelle

      Hey Devilfish! Thanks again for the ride! We are too pampered to use those as pads…we have some Thermarest pads we use. But we keep talking about how much weight we could really cut out if we just roughed it a bit more, haha.

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