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Day 66: Bridal Bliss

Posted by on July 12, 2015

July 5, 2015
Carson Pass – Reno/Tahoe (1078.7)
0 miles today
1123.2 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 0 ft, – 0 ft


Today was a very special day because my friends threw me a bridal shower! I am officially exhausted after this long weekend of parties and socializing, but I am also overwhelmed with gratitude and joy for all the wonderful people Pickles and I have in our life.

Image 1

This morning I was asked to leave the house for a couple hours so Mama Bear and all my best girlfriends could get some stuff ready, so of course I headed down to Starbucks and crossed a couple more things off my to-do list. When I came back, the house was already full with all my favorite people (ladies only of course), decorated with signs in various languages, and boasting a smorgasbord of tasty foods just like what Mama Bear and I had enjoyed throughout Europe last summer.

Image 4There was a great showing at the party, and all the girls had done such a great job of planning delicious food and fun games. My family from Grass Valley even came up and I got to visit with my 15 year old cousin whom I hadn’t seen in years. I got even more time in with all my favorite babies (quite a few of our friends have kiddos now) and tried hard to take everything in and not be overwhelmed by the fact that the party was happening just for me. The last time I remember sitting at the center of so much attention was back when I was a kid. Everyone made me feel so special and loved, and the whole event got me even more excited about marrying Pickles this fall.

After the shower a group of us grabbed T’s Rotisserie for lunch (a Tahoe staple) and then Mama Bear, Pickles, and I began running around packing up our belongings, loading the car, and preparing ourselves to get back on the road. We drove down to Minden before finding a motel where we could unload everything and finish up some last minute chores and rationing.

Image 2

It turned out to be a rather relaxing evening, which I’m taking to mean that we have finally de-stressed and are actually ready to get back out on the PCT. We’ve challenged ourselves to hike 23 miles each day for 5 days from Carson Pass to Sierra City, so we’re hoping the break-in time isn’t too rough. I got some quality foot time in with one of my best friends who is also a super talented physical therapist, so I’m hoping to experience less foot pain this time around. More to come on all that. For now I need to take advantage of this final night of sleep in a comfy bed before we officially start in on the “second half” of our hike. To sum it all up, we could not have hoped for a better 4 days away from the trail, and we’re happy to report that now we’re ready to see what else is in store for the next 1,500 miles.

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  1. britt

    I just love your mom’s dress!

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