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Tagged With: Bear Creek Trail

Day 132: Walking on Sunshine

September 9, 2015
Tentsite before Bear Creek Trail Junction (2362.9) to Stirrup Creek (2388.7)
25.8 PCT miles today
2423.3 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 5,291 ft, – 6,640 ft

Image 2

It seems that with sunshine comes all sorts of good tidings. Now that the weather has improved it feels as though Washington is doing her best to win us back. We still haven’t had that many views, but the craggy mountain range in the distance looks promising and Rainier continues to delight with all her grandiosity. The real treat today came in the form of incredibly generous and creative trail angels. We had not one, but two experiences with trail magic today and they did much to bolster our morale and melt away another day of many long miles. Most of all, they filled us with much-appreciated calories that fueled our bodies and made us feel much more prepared to finish this hike to Canada. more

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Day 131: Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing

September 8, 2015
Bear Gap Trail Junction (2337.2) to Tentsite before Bear Creek Trail Junction (2362.9)
25.7 PCT miles
2397.5 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 3,153 ft, – 4,332 ft

Image 11

Today was officially our first full day of blue skies in Washington, and with it came out first ever views of Mount Rainier. The mountain appeared out of nowhere while we climbed a ridge early this morning and it was a thousand times closer, bigger, and more beautiful than we had expected. We stopped to stare around every new corner, but eventually it went out of sight and we were left with an imprint of its image burned into our minds and the somewhat discouraging realization that we’d probably missed more beauty than we’d realized while being stuck in a cloud for the last week. Fortunately, Washington seems eager to make up for the loss, and our day, whose soundtrack was our audiobooks, was filled with a variety of interesting views. more

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