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Day 142: Hike Your Own Hike

September 19, 2015 (27th Re-Ration – Stehekin)
Tentsite at Glacier Creek (2567.8) to High Bridge Ranger Station – Stehekin (2580.0)
12.2 PCT miles today
2614.6 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 838 ft, – 2,826 ft


We got into Stehekin, our very last re-ration on the PCT, early this afternoon. The 12-mile hike in was all downhill or flat and went by relatively quickly, but left us sopping wet as we plowed through dense overgrowth covered in last night’s rain and this morning’s dew. Image 4We had blue skies for about an hour this morning, something we celebrated with much ado, but by the time we reached the road to Stehekin, the blue had once again been replaced by Washington’s standard matte white. While we waited for the shuttle into town to arrive, we anxiously ate our lunch and chatted with a group of hikers who were just passing through on their way to Rainy Pass and a re-ration in Mazama. We hadn’t met Green Man, Van Gogh, Snake Bait and Rocket Man until a couple days ago, but we enjoyed seeing them again and learning a bit more about their stories. Much of today was spent in the company of fellow hikers, all of us eager and excited to finally be within 100 miles of Canada. As we made our way into Stehekin, ate lots of yummy food, and got all cleaned up for the final push, my mind kept going back to the diverse experiences each hiker has had on this trail. I think that 2,600 miles in, I finally understand the true meaning of the phrase “hike your own hike”. more

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Day 141: Putting the PCT Into Words

September 18, 2015
Tentsite at Vista Creek (2544.8) to Tentsite at Glacier Creek (2567.8)
23.0 PCT miles today
2602.4 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 5,838 ft, – 6,178 ft

Image 9

Any blogger will tell you that keeping a daily blog is truly a labor of love. And doing so while simultaneously hiking every day from Mexico to Canada takes it to a whole new level. My entire PCT experience has been so enriched by this daily public story telling, but like anything worth doing, it hasn’t always been easy. There have been more nights than I can count where all I wanted to do was sleep, but still somehow had to muster the energy to write. I’ve driven Pickles and Mama Bear crazy with my insistence on an hour of silence at some point in every day so a I could blog. Then there’s the whole process of getting the blogs posted, which often led to stressed-out mountain-top flurries of work. However, despite all the extra time and effort this blog has demanded, it has turned out to be a cherished and precious gift that I couldn’t imagine going without while on this journey. It has helped me sort out thoughts and feelings at the end of every day, has brought us new friends and a whole arsenal of encouraging words and motivation, and more than anything, has become a detailed record of this adventure that I know Pickles and I will look back on for years to come. more

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