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Day 118: Is This Real Life?

August 26, 2015
Hwy 26 – Portland (2097.0) to Seasonal Stream before Timberline Trail Junction (2104.8)
7.8 PCT miles today
2150.7 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 1,165 ft, – 739 ft

Image 14

And just like that, we’re back here in our tent, listening to huge trees creak in the wind, and brushing our teeth by headlamp. The juxtaposition of life off trail with life on trail is sometimes more bizarre than I can explain. This morning we slept in and when we woke, we were wrapped in flannel sheets on a memory foam mattress. We made breakfast in the kitchen, brushed our teeth in the bathroom, and then used the computer to get a couple things done. It was a typical relaxing day at home…which made it anything but typical for Pickles and I. This afternoon, despite Shyam’s earnest attempts at keeping us around for one more day, we found ourselves once again on trail hiking north. We didn’t get going until 6pm, but the few hours of walking that we did get in felt distinctly different than all the other miles that we’ve logged in the past few weeks and months. more

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Day 117: A Zero for the Books

August 25, 2015
Hwy 26 – Portland (2097.0)
0 PCT miles today
2142.9 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 0 ft, – 0 ft

Image 9

Today was just about the most heartwarming and fulfilling zero that we could have imagined. There is no way to do it justice with this blog post, but I’ll at least lay out the events of the day, and hope that my current level of joy and gratitude somehow finds a way through.

We had spent a long time anticipating this particular zero, and now that it was here, we faced the stark fact that a day only contains so many hours, and we were going to have to make choices about what we could and couldn’t fit into our time in Portland. We tried alleviating the problem from the start with a nice, early wake-up. We had come up with a genius plan where Pickles drove Laura to an appointment and then work and then got to use her car for the day, while I went with Shyam and Sou to the store at 7am (they go every morning to buy fresh ingredients for the food cart), and then was dropped off at the Rain or Shine Coffeehouse before they headed to work, where I had made plans to meet up with my friend Sheena and her two little boys, Daxos who is 2, and his little brother Caius who is only 1 month old. more

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Day 116: Home Is Where the Heart Is

August 24, 2015 (22nd Re-Ration – Portland)
Tentsite before Wilson Road (2077.4) to Hwy 26 – Portland (2097.0)
19.6 PCT miles today
2142.9 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 1,401 ft, – 1,461 ft

Image 4

Tonight I’m going to bed with a full heart and a huge smile. After an incredibly easy 20 miles of hiking, Pickles and I made it to highway 26, where our dear friend Shyam picked us up and brought us to Portland for 3 days of rest, relaxation, and time with friends. Sometimes it is more about the people you are with than a particular place that makes you feel at home. Pickles and I lived in Portland for about 4 years, so it already feels like home to us, but being here at my best friend Laura’s house with her husband Shyam makes me feel just about as comfortable and content as I’ve felt all summer. more

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