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Tagged With: Snow Lake

Day 130: The Only Way Out is Through

September 7, 2015
Snow Lake (2313.0) to Bear Gap Trail Junction (2337.2)
24.2 PCT miles today
2371.8 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 5,276 ft, – 3,932 ft

Image 3This morning was a rough one. Pickles and I had had enough of the rain, but clearly Washington had not. We woke up in a cloud, packed up a soaking wet tent, and then silently hiked the first few hours of the day clad in soggy raingear and carrying our umbrellas, a state of being that was becoming far too common. The grey was getting us down and multiple times throughout the morning I caught myself wondering if I’d ever see the sun or blue skies ever again. Amazingly, the weather took an incredible turn for the better around lunchtime, and the second half of the day was spent in much better spirits than the first. more

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Day 129: We’re All in This Together

September 6, 2015
Hwy 12 – White Pass (2303.0) to Snow Lake (2313.0)
10.0 PCT miles today
2347.6 miles total
Today’s Elevation Gain/Loss: + 1,409 ft, – 932 ft

Image 7

Morning neroes are the best. It brings so much relief to know that you only have to get in about 10 miles in a day, and you’re left with the whole morning to sleep in, eat, pack up, and relax. Today was especially enjoyable because of the huge crowd of hikers that were all gathered in the store/restaurant at White Pass. Hikers kept rolling in throughout the morning, wet, cold, and exhausted, and the rest of us greeted them with applause, conversation and hot food. After lunch, when we finally left to get back on trail, we made the rounds saying goodbye to our friends and giving each other one more pat on the back for a job well done through Goat Rocks. We were all feeling especially celebratory about the trail being open all the way Canada, and today more than ever before, it feels like we’re truly in the home stretch. more

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